These Apps Will Help You Make Money

Published on by Scott Brian

It’s common to own a smartphones even a small average earning guy can afford one but now there is a boom in android and ios users in this article I would talk about android as you know there are so many apps literally now there are thousand of apps with various uses some can take care of your health some can be used to book a cars but the apps we are going to talk today can not only just help you but can help you build some good income. Yes, you heard it right these apps are money making android apps have a look I am sure you going to like some of them.

Wallet Apps

These apps are not created for money making but you can leverage their offers to make few bucks for some time. Some of the common wallet apps are mobikwik, paytm, ola money I am sure you might have heard at least one of them so how you can make money with it. First there are lots of cashback offers some require you to purchase something from any leading store but it should be mentioned on the paytm website and then you can get paytm cashback wait but these thing requires you to spend some money beforehand.

Websites like quikr often sponsors some paytm cash backs like few months back it has launched that whenever you shop at quikr for more than 2000rs you will get 250 rs cash back now you might do shopping each month but you won’t get something back so why to use Quikr for shopping and at the same time make money.

Shopping Apps

When you browse shopping websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal or Amazon just look at the bottom there going to be link where you can become their affiliates this way you just have to do simple task such as recommend shopping apps to your friends and family for every install you will get money the good part of it that you don’t need to have a website to promote the app.

App Coiner

After popularity of android apps have gone up several android apps are being developed by the companies but the problem is most apps firms want to do beta testing before launching their app which needs a group of people should be given the app to check weather its ready for going to the market or not but as you know people don’t going to do this for free so app coiner comes into play it’s a great way of making money all you have to do it to sign up and you will get paid for testing the apps.

Fiverr App

Fiverr is a marketplace where everyone can buy their services at just 5$ so how you can earn with it simply download this amazing app and create your gig? You don’t need to have product to make money at Fiverr if you can sing, do testimonials, write, or you have lots of social media friends you can sell your service to the vast Fiverr audience don’t think 5$ is small income many people are earning thousand of dollars on Fiverr but what I don’t like is that if you sell something which requires lots of hours that Fiverr can’t be good fit for you but services like testimonials can be done in just few minutes of work and guess what for that few minutes you will earn 4$ as 1$ is taken by Fiverr.

Another thing I liked is that you don’t have to promote the gig when I created my first gig sell starts coming the next day so after that I get constant sell from the platform widrawl is simple to but you need to have a paypal account for that and it doesn’t have any minimum threshold so you will earn money even if you have just 4$ in balance.


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